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I’ve added one preprint and one older workshop paper to, given recent interest, see below.

Murray, L. M.; Jones, E. M. & Parslow, J. (2012). On collapsed state-space models and the particle marginal Metropolis-Hastings sampler. In review. [arXiv]

Murray, L.M. (2011). GPU acceleration of the particle filter: The Metropolis resampler. Distributed machine learning and sparse representation with massive data-sets (DMMD 2011). [arXiv]

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LibBi released 23 Jun 2013 After four years of development, [LibBi][1] is now available as open source software. LibBi is used for state-space modelling and Bayesian inference on high-performance computer hardware, including multi-core CPUs, many-core GPUs (graphics processing units) and distributed-memory clusters.