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Photoshop CS6 support: plugins work

Testing has been completed with both Tintii and Urban Lightscape under Adobe’s new Photoshop CS6. Good news: existing versions of both plugins work, with no updates required.

With that said, if you do find a problem, please report this to .

Posted by Lawrence on 10 Jun 2012 in urbanlightscape, tintii and software. Permalink it here.

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New Paint Shop Pro plug-in for Tintii 07 May 2009 Version 2.1.0 of the [Tintii][1] photo filter has just been released, extending compatibility of its plug-in version beyond Adobe® Photoshop® to Corel® Paint Shop Pro®. This should make the tool accessible to a much wider audience who wish to work within the space of these powerful graphics tools rather than through the standalone tintii interface, still available for free.

Tintii Photoshop plugin tutorial 14 Oct 2009 Red Umbrellas on Rose Street

Tintii 2.5.2 released for all platforms 21 Apr 2011 Tintii 2.5.2 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. This release brings the additional features added for Mac in the recent [2.5.1 release][1] to the other platforms, as well as to the Photoshop plugin.

Photoshop plugins updated 23 Jun 2014 Updates to both [Tintii](/software/tintii/download) (2.9.0) and [Urban Lightscape](/software/urbanlightscape/download) (1.3.3) are now available. Updates are for both the Photoshop plugins and standalone applications.