/ Lawrence Murray


No More Starry Nights The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains Aiguille du Midi Aiguille du Midi Stradbroke Moth trails in the spotlights Lake Atitlan Sunrise El Tunco Lake Atitlan Sunrise Amman Camping Wadi Rum Sundown Wadi Rum Sunlight through clouds Wadi Rum Sunset Wadi Rum Domes Wadi Dana Goodbye Edinburgh Pinnacles Desert Last night's campsite Watarrka Domes Albina Lake The Gap On the road to Pugilist Hill Lake Magic Phanak Island Gormley Statues Milford Sound Waterfalls Queenstown from Bob's Peak Emperors and Poetry The Yellow Room Fishing around the Perfume Pagoda Heian Jingu Shrine Kinkakuji Plateau Lake Pedder Evening Snow melt Lake Pedder Morning Mt Eliza Beng Mealea Beng Mealea Beng Mealea Ta Seng Phnom Bakheng Preah Khan Forest at Sambor Prei Kuk Milky Way Camping Wadi Rum Wadi Rum Sunset

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Wadi Dana 04 Oct 2015 Earth blurs to sky---violet to pink to noble nightly blue---no horizon line. Above, setting stars rain from the black. Within, strings of white fairy lights, like webs in mists to catch them---the townships of the Arabah, afloat in purgatory shimmer.

Wadi Rum Domes 05 Aug 2015 Wadi Rum desert (April 2015). See it on Flickr

Sunlight through clouds 14 Jul 2015 Wadi Rum, Jordan (April 2015). See it on Flickr

Wadi Rum Sunset 14 Jul 2015 Wadi Rum, Jordan (April 2015). See it on Flickr