Graphics Bifurcation

Revealing the intricate behaviour of the Lorenz ’96 chaotic equations.

Collection Winter Tree Textures

Photographic abstractions of branching trees.

Photo Sailing High

Collection Palenque Jungle

Macro and close-up photographs of the jungle that swallowed the ruins of Palenque.

Collection Alaska Earth and Ice

Glacial landscapes of Alaska in black and white.

Collection Eid al-Adha Marrakesh

Quiet on the streets of Marrakesh after Eid al-Adha festivities.

Collection Enough Blue To Swim In

People-watching in laid-back Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Collection Paris Stole My Passport

A short photo collection of an unintended stay.

Photo El Tunco

Photo Ta Seng

Photo Preah Khan

Photo Beng Mealea

Photo Lake Ballard

Photo Lake Magic

Photo Albina Lake