/ Lawrence Murray

Urban Lightscape

A photo filter for localised exposure correction and post-production lighting adjustments. Available as a Photoshop plugin and standalone application.

Correct exposure, locally

Easily correct exposure with a simple "click and drag" interface. Adjustments are localised using edge information.

Improve the composition

Filter light in post-production. Balance the foreground and background to draw attention to the subject.

Enhance detail

Create a more natural feel than HDR, with better edging than selections, and greater accuracy than brushing.


Photoshop plugins updated 23 Jun 2014 Updates to both Tintii (2.9.0) and Urban Lightscape (1.3.3) are now available. Updates are for both the Photoshop plugins and standalone applications.

Retina display support on Mac OS X 12 Oct 2013 Updates to both Tintii (2.8.1) and Urban Lightscape (1.3.1) are now available, bringing support for Appleā€™s high-resolution retina displays. The updates also include a number of compatibility improvements for older versions of Mac OS X.

Enhancements to Tintii and Urban Lightscape Photoshop plugins 05 Oct 2013 Updates to both Tintii (2.8.0) and Urban Lightscape (1.3.0) are now available for download. These bring a number of enhancements that will be of particular interest to Photoshop users, including:

LibBi released 23 Jun 2013 After four years of development, [LibBi][1] is now available as open source software. LibBi is used for state-space modelling and Bayesian inference on high-performance computer hardware, including multi-core CPUs, many-core GPUs (graphics processing units) and distributed-memory clusters.