Science Article Probabilistic learning of nonlinear dynamical systems using sequential Monte Carlo

T.B. Schön, A. Svensson, L.M. Murray, and F. Lindsten

Photography Winter Colours of Stockholm

Colourful buildings against the snow and frozen waters. Taken from Karlbergs Slott, central Stockholm, facing over the water to Kungsholmen.

Science Article Anytime Monte Carlo

L.M. Murray, S. Singh, P.E. Jacob and A. Lee

Science Article Comparative Analysis of Dengue and Zika Outbreaks Reveals Differences by Setting and Virus

S. Funk, A.J. Kucharski, A. Camacho, R.M. Eggo, L. Yakob, L.M. Murray, and W.J. Edmunds

Photography Beas De Granada

Duotone landscapes around Granada.

Photography Alhambra Muqarnas

Possibly a palace built for mathematicians.

Photography Elements of Calm

Forty-degree heat and the fountains of the Generalife.