The advice on this page applies to both Tintii and Urban Lightscape. As a general rule, always ensure that you are using the latest version of the software, as this may contain a fix for the problem you are experiencing. This is particularly the case if you have installed the software from a magazine covermount DVD or downloaded it from another website, as these do not always provide the latest version.

If you have not received your registration code

After registering the software, an email containing your registration code will be sent to the address that you entered during the checkout process. This is a separate message to your receipt, and should normally arrive at about the same time. The email will be from, with a subject line “Your XXX License Code” (with XXX either Tintii or Urban Lightscape). Check that your spam filter has not moved the email to your junk folder.

If your registration code does not work

Check the following:

  • That you have entered the code exactly as it appears in your registration email. Try typing it in rather than copying and pasting.
  • That you are entering the right code. It is the 16 digit (and letter) code contained in the email sent to you, and is not the same as the order number that appears in the subject line and on your receipt.
  • That you are connected to the internet. The software performs an online check that the code you have entered is valid.
  • That your firewall software is not preventing the software from connecting to the internet. Try adding an exception for the software, or, if all else fails, temporarily disabling your firewall software for registration.
  • That you have not already used the code on another machine. There is some flexibility in this, but if used too many times or too often, the code may no longer work.
  • That you are using the latest version of the software, always available from the here for Tintii and here for Urban Lightscape.

If the app is working, but the plugin does not appear within Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro

You may need to manually install the plugin, see:

All other issues

For all other support issues, bug reports, comments and suggestions, email