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Selective colour and saturation control.


Tintii is a standalone application and Photoshop plugin for selective color effects, without the need for brushing or selection. It clusters pixels into colors and allows each to be toggled on and off to quickly create the desired effect. It can also be used for more subtle hue, saturation and lightness adjustments, with sliders for e.g. nonlinear saturation decay.

The first version of Tintii was released in 2007. It is no longer actively developed. As of 2022 it is still packaged with major Linux distributions including openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian and Mageia.

The source code for the open source Linux version is available.

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A.J. Storkey, E. Simonotto, H. Whalley, S. Lawrie, L.M. Murray and D. McGonigle